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Part 1. About Millet and Millet Processing        Wheat Flour Mill     Corn Flour Mill      Cassava Starch Machine

    Now we will have detail introduction about millet for you as follows,

About Millet

       Millet, its scientific name should be Setaria Italica. Chinese millet will be with different color including white millet, red millet, yellow millet, block millet, orange millet and purple millet. And millet has also suitable stickiness. The orignal material of Chinese wine-making is just millet. Millet can be suitable to grow in arid regions. Their hard stems and leaves, can be used as fodder, usually fewer cattle to digest. Millet in northern China known as millet, but the South has rice as millet. Especially seedling period, there is still some weeds in millet ground, which looks like millet.

    In Africa, there is another kind of crop very similar to millet. Its name is pearl millet.

Origin of Millet

       China has always been recognized for its centers of origin.Most of millet cultivation around the world are from China now. Millet cultivation area of the world's is more than 10 million mu. The crop area of China is the largest with highest output, multi-distributed in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, northeast China, Inner Mongolia and other places.

Millet Crop Status

          Millet is the annual herb and belongs to a grass. It likes the warm with good adaptable. It resistant to drought, poor soil and Acid-base properties. It is widely planted in arid areas of China's north and south, arid mountainous areas are planted. According to maturity time, millet can be divided into early, middle and late three-harvest. Additionally, it may also be divided into viscous and Japonica waxy millet.

Millet Harvesting

    With the development of modern agriculture, millet has already been harvested by combined harvester. However, in some remote areas, some farmers still harvest millet by hand. In China, some farmers in Taipei of Taiwan, they will have grand harvest ceremony, gaya kmtuy masu. As a rule, millet harvest will be about in July each basing on the Southern China.

Millet Processing

      The first section: Husking to remove the hard shell of millet. After millet harvesting, it will need to remove the hard shell of millet firstly. As a rule, we may use the husking machine to finish the processing. The husker will be very similar to rice husking machine. And we may also use sepcial peeling machine to remove the hard shell of millet.

     The second section: Millet cleaning. It will need special sieve mesh different from rice, wheat and corn. About millet cleaning machine, combined cleaning sifter will be feasibile. Combined cleaning sifter will be able to remove both the light impurities and small stone mixed with the millet. And we think it had better add magnetic separator to separate the metal from millet.

     The third section: Peeling the thin skin of husked millet. We may use grain peeling machine. By our peeling feasibility study for long time, peeling the thin skin of millet, it will not be too easy. Because millet is too small. As a rule, the diameter of millet is about 1mm. So we had suitable testing by grain peeling machine for many times.

      The fourth section: Millet milling. Because of sepcial hardness and stickiness, traditional roller mill will not be feasible to grind millet into millet flour. Millet milling will need high speed crusher mill. After our practice test, one kind of crusher mill will be feasible. Its rotary speed will be about 5500r/m. And its final product will be millet flour with 80~120mesh. At present, we are selling this kind of millet crusher mill made up of stainless steel. Its capacity is about 300kg/hour.

     Generally, millet processing will be different from rice processing. So it makes millet machine different from rice machine. With our more practice test, we will be able to have better plan to improve the suitable technolgy for millet cleaning, millet peeling and millet milling.    

Part 2. Millet Cleaning Machine, Millet Peeling Machine and Millet Flour Mill 

  Millet Cleaning Sifter      Millet Peeling Machine

  Millet Crusher Mill          Millet Crucher Mill

Part 3. Millet Food and Nutritional Value     


Millet food: Millet can be used for steaming rice, porridging or grinding into powder.We can use either millet flour alone or after blending with other flour to do cake flour, Wotou, silk cake, Fagao etc., glutinous millet can also be wine, vinegar, sugar, etc..

Nutritional value: Because of the rich vitamin B1, B12, etc. millet will have the efficacy to prevent indigestion, and mouth sores. And Millet can also prevent the stomach, vomiting. Additionally, millet can help deficiency maternal to regain their strength.

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